Legends of Irish Mythology

& where you might find them... in Cork

We run a seasonal cocktail menu which changes every 12 weeks. The concept is  simple, mother nature determines which direction our drinks evolve. We forage wild ingredients and use amazing local producers to create a menu we believe is the most original and interesting in this Country.

TÍR na NÓg

Beefeater Gin, Tokaji, Linden Blossom, Killahora PoirÉ

Bouncy / Floral

The land of eternal youth, formerly found in Henry’s and Gorby’s nightclubs, where 90s kids relived their glory days.

Fear DeaRg

Dunvilles Peated Irish Whiskey, Mancino Chinato,Toasted Pumpkin Seed, Whole Egg

(Served with a side of Beamish Brown Bread & Carrot Butter)

Toasted / Fluffy

Cute, shnakey and troublesome. Easily and often confused with the parking clampers.

CÚ CHulainn

Espolon Tequila, Crab apple,Blackberry Wine,Blackcurrant Tea(Carbonated)

Juicy / Tart

Warrior, hurler and legend. In other words, Jimmy Barry Murphy, aka: God.


Ketel One Vodka,Dandelion

Earthy / Dark Fruit

Mother of Ireland, held in that same high regard as Mary, ruler of the bar in the Castle Inn.


Yarrow, Buckfast, Amaro, Advocaat, nutmeg

Rich / Velvet

Their keening cry of impending doom can be safely heard emanating from the Waltzers down in Funderland.

CHildren of Lir

Cask Clarified Milk Punch.Lot 40 Rye, Havana Club 7,Bristol Cream, Alexanders,Woodruff

Opulent / Complex

Condemned by the gods to bush it down by the Shakey Bridge. with it down for repair they’re currently a threat to bags of cans everywhere.

The Muckie

Our version of a Donkey's Bollox.(With classy booze)

Temperamental /Ask your server

When not scaring seven shades out of American tourists on the Killarney lakes, the Muckie loves nothing more than enjoying a Beamish with the lads down in Charlies.


Glendalough Rose Gin, Cask Vermouth, Myrtle, Laurel

Aromatic / Bright

local aquatic legend, currently spearheading the “Love the Lee” campaign, warring with the City Council over the Walls scheme.


Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Mortlach 12, Belsazar Dry, Mead Milk Kefir Ice Ceam

Satin / Funky

Cork’s own headless horseman, most likely a frustrated Cork City fan after another miserable night down De Shed.

The PÚca

Stolichnaya Vodka, Mad March HaRE PoitÍn, Douglas Fir, Mandorla, The White Hag PÚca Sour

Zippy / Mischievous

Hiding up trees, cackling, waiting to lure any unsuspecting passer-by into their schemes… basically a local politician with a better plan.


Bacardi Carta Blanca, Martini Bianco, Grapes, Toasted Sesame Oil

Our bartender Dan Cronin’s entry to Bacardi Legacy, Follow his journey
@ #Dannydehito


A weekly rotation of each of this seasons signature cocktails, without the booze."Ask your server"

Bouncy / Floral

Often found on the wall outside The Bulman, though never legless as she’s a Hero of Dry January