350ml, 750ml

Tasting Notes

Slogging Apples / Bubbles


Bacardi Carta Blanca, Bacardi Ocho, Ballymaloe Apple Juice, Champagne Yeast, Mint

ABV (alcohol by vol.)



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The origins of the mojito are pretty sketchy, there’s a great pirate theory that involved an unsuccessful invasion of Havana and a more feasible version involving African slaves in the Cuban fields. Regardless, what’s not in dispute is the remarkable popularity of this refreshing rum cocktail. There are many twists on this cocktail but the apple version is our favourite, especially in a country with so many world-class orchards. We use a blend of Bacardi rums, Ballymaloe apple juice and add champagne yeast for a subtle carbonation. This is not your average mojito!  

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